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Solar Renewable Energy is focused on harnessing the power of the sun as a clean, renewable energy source resulting in reduced energy consumption, utility cost savings and a smaller carbon footprint through delivery of innovative financing, development, construction and operating solutions for solar renewable energy systems in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the United States.

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About Solar Renewable Energy

100 Megawatts – 250+ Projects – $300 Million of Related Asset Value

Solar Renewable Energy (SRE), a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation, was formed in January 2010 as a result of Mr. Berry’s long-time association with ParenteBeard, a well-established public accounting firm. Collectively, SRE has financed, developed and installed 250+ solar energy systems, generating over 50 megawatts total output annually. With an asset value of $300+ million, SRE is a driving force behind new solar energy generation throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the United States.

SRE delivers innovative solutions for financing, development, construction and operation of solar renewable energy systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the United States.

SRE has quickly become one of the region’s largest solar energy investors, developers, asset managers and renewable energy credit aggregator / brokers. We deliver cost-effective solar energy solutions for commercial, municipalities and not for profits entities with emphasis on effective ownership structures, long-term energy savings, financial returns and minimal or no out-of-pocket investment.

SRE values and maintains solid relationships with our many business partners in the following areas:

i. Panel manufacturing, Racking manufacturing, Inverter manufacturing and Panel Monitoring Systems

ii. Design Engineering

iii. Electrical Contractor Services

iv. Installation Services

We also support sustainable, renewable energy policy development through active participation in various solar energy industry organizations.

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With solid financial backing and experienced company leaders having project development, finance, public accounting and taxation backgrounds, SRE is a successful investor in many of the solar projects it develops.


Secure project financing for credit qualified customers under various structures including:

i. Power Service Agreement (PSA)

ii. Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

iii. Bank Asset Backed and Lease Financing

iv. Bank and Private Tax Credit Equity Financing

v. USDA Rural Development Rural Energy for America Programs

Highly active in Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) futures exchange markets, Solar Renewable Energy is a registered PJM GATS Aggregator and Broker that sells SRECs for over 100 Megawatts of solar output to public utilities, including several, multi-year, forward supply contracts in PA, NJ, MD, OH, District of Columbia, CT and DE.