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As a solar developer, SRE provides turnkey EPC services, which bring solar ideas to a fully operational solar array. SRE builds quality products that maximize solar generation and returns for our clients.


Solar projects generate financial returns for our clients via savings on your utility energy bills, income from solar renewable energy credits (SREC’s), state grants/rebates, and federal tax incentives such as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and depreciation. For our for-profit clients, SRE strives to generate returns significantly above market returns. For our not-for-profit clients, SRE strives to structure solar deals with little to no out-of-pocket costs.

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SRE is a solar developer and investor in our solar projects. We structure our solar deals to maximize our clients’ returns based on their tax appetite (for-profit vs. not-for-profit entity) and financial needs. This is commonly utilized via our clients participating in a direct ownership, power service agreement (PSA), or a power purchase agreement (PPA).


Following construction, SRE will continually monitor the solar array’s generation and perform the necessary maintenance to keep the solar array operating at its peak performance. SRE is also a PJM GATS Aggregator and Broker that sells over tens of thousands of SREC’s on behalf of our clients per year. By selling SREC’s, our clients can turn SREC’s into cash.


In order to maximize the financial return on your solar array, it’s essential to minimize production loss and system downtime. In order to achieve this goal, system owners need to have a knowledgeable and responsive solar maintenance team. SRE performs annual maintenance and as needed maintenance on all sized solar arrays for our customers.